Don’t Belittle Us with Ignorance, Please

by havilandp

For those of you posting/ commenting/ articulating your opinion regarding Michael Brown and Eric Garner, specifically articles and comments that demonize/ dehumanize the protesters, I’m curious to know the following:

Have you ever been told you “fit the description”?

Ever been followed in a store because of the color of your skin?

Have you ever been told that someone you may “like” can’t “like” you back because their family has a problem with your color?

Have you ever been stopped by law enforcement officials for absolutely no reason?

No sense in asking whether or not you’ve been called a nigger…

No need to answer any of these questions either. Just something to think about.

All of the above scenarios (and many worse) have happened to me personally and have also happened to most Black men prior to the age of 18 (don’t believe me? Ask.).

I just want you to stop and think about those things before you marginalize our struggle because the conversation makes you uncomfortable.