The Movement Must Live

by havilandp

The hardest part of marching, protesting and uplifting #BlackLivesMatter is coming face to face with the reality that people lose human empathy of the color of one’s skin.

The fact is, that each time we take to the streets over the loss of life, it takes me to a dark place in my mind. It’s monumentally difficult to find love in such darkness but that is the burden that I, that WE have been tasked with. We will shoulder that weight and carry it will all of our strength so that my future children and their children will not have to.

If that is difficult for you to understand, I cannot blame you, but it is our reality. Racism is alive and well and we have systems in place that enable it.

My only ask is that you look within yourself and find compassion for your fellow human and acknowledge the reality that we live with today and do your part, whatever that may be to stride towards equality for all regardless of race, gender, creed, sexuality or any other mechanism in place that strives to divide us.

If we cannot overcome, if we cannot find it within ourselves to change the reality we exist in today our society will be torn asunder and our children and grandchildren will be forced to live in a world that we failed to make better.

The only blame that will exist will be derived from the mirror you gaze upon as you sit idle as the fabric that holds us together in brother and sisterhood is ripped apart forever.

The Movement must live. The future depends on it.